Book Bank will be closing permanently – our last day of business will be Sunday, September 20th.

All books are currently 25% off the written price, and will be 50% off for the last week, starting this Saturday, September 12th. Depending on the last week, we may have further discounts available for the last weekend (Sept 19th-20th).

Book Bank Used Books in Old Town, Alexandria first opened its doors in May 2001 and later survived the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2002 DC Sniper, the Great Recession, various hurricanes and one earthquake, the replacement of the President known as Reader-in-Chief with a watcher of Fox News Channel, and last summer’s Metro Line shutdown. But the combination of the pandemic and the owner’s current health issues have made continuing the store no longer feasible.

When non-essential retail businesses were required to severely limit in-store operations in March 2020 by order of Governor Northam, we introduced distance shopping, curbside pickup and delivery, and we’re so grateful for the people who reached out to us for their books. However, that business model is not sustainable for a business that is essentially one person with a few weekly hours of assistance, especially with sudden health issues that have made any work almost impossible for almost two months. Income has not rebounded with the reopening, and the rent cost has not changed in that time.

We’re so proud to have served the community here in Old Town for almost twenty years. For the last five years, we have been the only used bookstore in Alexandria. And while we are sad to be closing, we are relieved that there will still be a used bookstore in Alexandria – The Company of Books, a not-for-profit used bookstore, recently opened at 1712 Mount Vernon Ave in the next door neighborhood of Del Ray. We believe there will always be a need and a place for bookstores in any community, and are thankful a secondhand shop will still be open in our city.

Store credit and gift certificates will still be accepted through these last days. Also, we have made a deal with The Company of Books to honor store credit and gift certificates from Book Bank Oct 15th, 2020-Apr 15th, 2021, which will be paid by Book Bank as we close.

Book Bank sold great books and authors ranging from Geoffrey Chaucer to Ernest Hemingway to Stephen Hawking to Harry Potter. But as Chaucer wrote, “All Good Things Come to an End.”  We urge all book lovers and friends of Book Bank to come for bargains during the sale, to say good-bye and take home a few last books.