Social Distancing and Books

We are closed at present, to maintain social distancing, but we also want people to have books available while stuck in isolation (as well as survive as a business, of course). You can contact us by email or Facebook messenger, as we’ll be checking both regularly during the day. We have a few options available, if you need books:

1. We can set up an appointment time for you to come in and shop (we have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer available).

2. You can ask us to check for specific books for you. If we have them in stock, we’ll let you know.

3. If you feel adventurous, you can give us a genre or topic, and we can put together a mix of books for you at whatever price you set for us.

For the last two options, we can either 1) schedule a pick up, 2) drop the books off for you if you’re local, or 3) mail the books if you’re further out. We can call you and accept a payment over the phone, or we have a paypal account.

If you don’t need books at present, but would like to support us, we also have gift certificates available.

These are strange times. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy…and keep reading.

–Rachel Baker (owner)

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Update about the coronavirus

We are currently still open. We have hand sanitizer by the register for employees and customers to use, and are watching updates on the situation. If the city/county recommends closing, we will do so at that time.

All employees have been notified that they can stay home if they would prefer; I will make sure they are still financially covered for any missed shifts.

We are a small business with limited revenue, but it helps no one if we aren’t doing our part to keep our employees and customers healthy and safe.


And unrelated to COVID-19: We are not buying any books next week in the store; we are slammed with books to process, and need a little breathing room to catch up. We’ll resume our usual buying policy on Wed, March 25th.


—Rachel Baker (owner)

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