Our in-store Literary Trivia Questions sometimes challenge our customers to dredge up useless knowledge they acquired as English majors (e. g., how many titles of Shakespeare plays contain place names?*) Other times more general word-playing skills are required. For example, earlier this year we required contestants to unravel book titles that were given in the form of anagrams. The titles are given below: How will you do?

Eth Sherbort Markavorza
Thiwe Ganf
Trage Pistoxteacen

Ruiscou Regego
Thetil Noemw
Het Stoorciernc
Admame Rovyab

Answers are available upon request.

*Seven. (The Final Jeopardy question to this year’s Jeopardy Tournament of Champions was similar: it asked which of the five cities mentioned in Shakespeare titles was not in Europe. None of the contestants provided the right answer, which we knew from our Literary Trivia Contest experience.)


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