Our in-store Literary Trivia Questions sometimes challenge our customers to dredge up useless knowledge they acquired as English majors (e. g., how many titles of Shakespeare plays contain place names?*) Other times more general word-playing skills are required. For example, earlier this year we required contestants to unravel book titles that were given in the form of anagrams. The titles are given below: How will you do?

Eth Sherbort Markavorza
Thiwe Ganf
Trage Pistoxteacen

Ruiscou Regego
Thetil Noemw
Het Stoorciernc
Admame Rovyab

Answers are available upon request.

*Seven. (The Final Jeopardy question to this year’s Jeopardy Tournament of Champions was similar: it asked which of the five cities mentioned in Shakespeare titles was not in Europe. None of the contestants provided the right answer, which we knew from our Literary Trivia Contest experience.)

Orange You Glad? (aka We’re Back!)

After a hiatus that lasted way too long, we’re back!

In recent months we’re been experimenting with color-themed window displays at Book Bank, starting with “I can’t remember the title of the book, but I know it was blue!” Then we tried “Have you red these titles?” and “Recycling books is green!” Currently our window features books with orange covers under the theme “Orange you glad you found a bookstore?”

Unfortunately this approach to decoration probably puts us out of the running in the local competition for Best Holiday Decoration. Orange, it seems, no longer puts folks in mind of Christmas.  But in 19th century England it was quite a treat to receive an orange in your Christmas stocking (imported from Portugal or Spain, we think.) So call us old-fashioned.

The owner of Book Bank has ruled out “We’re dreaming of a white Christmas” as our next color-themed display. And no, we’re not going with “50 Shades of Gray”. Maybe we’ll do “We’re tickled pink to see you!” if we can find enough books with pink covers. That sounds hard, but we were surprised at how many orange books we found once we started looking.

Suggestions are welcome.