Found in Books, Continued

Hmm. We’re still learning how to add pictures to our blog, not too successfully. We hope to improve. Here’s what got left out of the last blog post as we struggled to add pictures:

We find numerous photographs, cards (signed and unsigned), shopping lists, used airplane tickets (from before the “e—ticket” era) or boarding passes, etc. In very old we have found pressed flowers, and once a pressed four-leaf clover. From time to time we set out our accumulated collection of “things found in books” for customers to choose from. Except money, if we ever found any in books, which we haven’t. The closest we’ve come is a few small uncashed but expired checks.

For more on things found in books, see,,, or just Google “things found in books”.

Found in Books

All sorts of things get used as bookmarks, and we find them in the used books that we buy. Sometimes the bookmarks are actual bookmarks from the store of origin, not always in the United States. Some our books have come from South America, Singapore, all parts of Europe …. they’re better-traveled than us. Sometimes the improvised markers remind us of parts of history, like the ticket shown below on the right, which reminds that Washington once had a successful football team.  (The team lost this game to the New York Giants, 17-0, but in the following year beat the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl, 42-10.)

And the bookmark shown below on the left reminds us of our recent great optimism , which has been slightly misplaced—we hope temporarily.

King Street–Home of Book Bank–Is Recognized

We’re fortunate to be located on Old Town Alexandria’s historic King Street, near the Metro Station and the railroad station. “Upper King Street”, as our end is known, is less touristy and less congested than the “lower” end near the river, and we like it just fine. The American Planning Association is also a fan of King Street (both ends), having just named it one of the ten “Best Streets in America” for 2011.

Naturally, we assume that our modest establishment influenced that APA’s decision (plus the location on our block of Old Town’s only other surviving bookstore, Hooray for Books!) Hooray for us!