Grosby, Crosby, and Trivia

At Book Bank Used Books, we pride ourselves on our wide knowledge of the mystery genre, but we know we have limits. The other day a customer with a strong accent, apparently Germanic, asked for a book by Ellen or Ellie Grosby (so it sounded). We were told she was a local author. We drew a blank. As the customer was leaving it occurred to us that the name was not Grosby, but Crosby. A rapid check on the computer revealed a mystery author from Northern Virgnia named Ellen Crosby, and we indeed had a hardcover copy of one of her books. We sprinted down the block and caught up with the customer. She was delighted with the find. The moral? Don’t give up when our stored knowledge runs dry, perhaps.

A recent trivia question posted in the store asked, Who lives in the house at Pooh Corner? People guessed Pooh. People guessed Piglet. People guessed Christopher Robin. People guessed “that tiger”. Few thought of poor Eeyore, who was homeless until Pooh made for him a house of sorts. (Read the beginning of The House at Pooh Corner.)

Now our trivia question is “What are Hamlet’s last four words?” They are followed by this stage direction: [Dies.] No, they’re not “And now I die.”