Fall for the Book

There’s a local Autumn book festival coming this month called Fall for the Book, which we think is a pretty clever name. (it’s In Fairfax, VA., http://www.fallforthebook.org/about.php.) Also coming up September 25 on Washington DC’s National Mall is the National Book Festival (http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/).
At Book Bank Used Books, we celebrate the arrival of Autumn with one of our thrice-a-year sales, during which many books are 25% off—or all books if you buy $25 or more in books . It starts on Sept. 25, so we’re hoping there will be a parade of booklovers from the Mall across the Potomac River (or under it on the Metro) to join our sale.
In the past month we’ve greatly expanded our Art and Music sections. Art books can be pricy so sale time is a good time to pick up one (or more. ) We currently have a nice expanded display of books on World War II (histories and memoirs).
Also on special display currently is our Churchilliana group of books by or about Sir Winston Churchill, including the hard-to-find 4-volume set of the Prime Minister’s famous 18th century ancestor, the first Duke of Marlborough. There’s a metal bookmark on display shaped like Sir Winston, but it’s not for sale.
Finally, let’s mention our Literary Trivia contests. Every few weeks or so in the store, we post a question with a literary theme. A correct answer wins a free bargain book
We hope in the future to expand that feature to this blog, although without prize. In the store our current question is: Name 5 books with a fruit in the title. Let’s see, there’s Grapes of Wrath and Huckleberry Finn and ….?