Dog Days

The dog days of summer are upon us. (So called by the Romans, who associated the hot. sultry weather with the star Sirius, known as the Dog Star.)

Old Town Alexandria has a reputation for being very accommodating to our canine friends, and we are always interested in a good book on the subject. We were recently leafing through The Great Dane by D. E Hale (Judy Publishing Comapny, Chicago 1933) which is filled with photos and interesting information about the breed. Two matters caught our attention in particular: the store owner’s first dog was named Judy, like the publisher, and the book advocates a rather distressing technique for maintaining the quallity of the breed. “Deaf, deformed, and very poor specimens of puppies,” the author advises, “should be drowned in water within two days after birth.” That’s not how we treat our dogs in Old Town Alexandria! Well-behaved dogs are always welcome at Book Bank Used Books, even if deaf or deformed.